Just so you young guys know...

All of the "monuments" pictured above were found in the City of Chula Vista, Ca. in 1998. All were shown on recorded maps

On the left is a "2" x 24" iron pipe tagged ____ ".  it is actually less than 8" long and was set in soft sandy soil.  the tag belongs to a Civil Engineer, he is not to be found. 

in the center is a "lead and brass tag marked ____ set in concrete".  I pulled it up with my fingers, it is actually a brass tag set in some sort of gray builders putty.  the hole it was in was less than 1" deep.  The tag belongs to a Land Surveyor that lives in Las Vegas.  I local engineer uses his tags!  when I talked with the Surveyor on the phone he asked me "how do you set a lead in concrete?"

on the right is a "3/4" x 24" iron pipe tagged ___".  This was set by a local Civil Engineer that does lots of surveys in Chula Vista.  

want to know the tag numbers?  send me an email...

Honestly, I am ashamed of these folks... they must be the ones that always want to be called "Professional"